jest testing tricks with react and mobx

First of all, i use a lot of jest with @testing-library/react. I think everyone heard about it and is already using it, if not, please give it a try :) To get everything up and testing, we need to glue everything together with the jest config and the global test setup setup hints // jest.config.js module.exports = { preset: 'ts-jest', testEnvironment: 'node', setupFilesAfterEnv: ['./globalTestSetup.js'] }; // globalTestSetup.js require('jest-styled-components') require('@testing-library/jest-dom/extend-expect') require('mobx-react-lite/batchingForReactDom') mocking a mobx model from useContext In my current default setup, i’m using mob-react-lite and the useContext hook to access the data store....

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